Want to feel great in your body?

Want to feel great in your body?

No thanks to the media for making most people insecure about how they look. Media elevates a body type that is impossible to achieve or maintain naturally. A woman must have an hourglass shape with protruding buttocks, be big-breasted, shouldn’t have cellulite, no stretch marks and no acnes. While a man must be very lean, almost having no fat in his body, be tall, have six-packs, 1a full beard and full hairline. As a result, many people try too hard to achieve this fictional body type hoping that they will find happiness. In their failed attempt, they often get depressed, feel insecure and may start doing damage to themselves. Models often become anorexic, and the Botched show is still in business because of the terrible surgeries people have gone through to achieve an impossible look.

If you’re reading this article, this means that you probably feel insecure about a part of your body. It can be your eyes, your nose, your lips, your hair, your teeth or any other part. The truth is happiness is not found in how socially acceptable you look but in how you feel about yourself. So, before your insecurity makes you hate yourself more, we want you to take note of these few tips to help you feel great in your present body.

Speak Positive About Yourself

1Whenever you look in the mirror and see your “flaws”, remember that you have come a long way and have been through a lot to be where you are right now. The media doesn’t determine beauty, society doesn’t have a say in how good you should feel about yourself. Remind yourself that you’re an epitome of beauty. Be confident, speak good things about yourself and as you go about your day, shun out negative comments about how you look. You have to love yourself more than the world loves you. Don’t wait for external validation, you are enough to compliment yourself, so compliment yourself.

Forgive Yourself

Sometimes we blame ourselves for letting go of our standards and how we now look because we think we could have made better decisions if we were responsible enough. I get it, there was a time in my life that I stopped going out of the house, I didn’t eat excessively but I didn’t sleep enough. After some months, I developed acne on my forehead and added weight. You may also feel like you neglected your self-care and that’s why you now look the way you do. Often times, there’s a hidden reason behind how we became nonchalant with ourselves, in my own case, I was depressed from dealing with grief. You may feel that your laziness or addiction to unhealthy lifestyle are your reasons. Whatever the reason, you have to forgive yourself. You can’t change the past but you can take advantage of the present and create a better future for yourself. First, you have to live in the moment and stop regretting your decisions, move forward.

Exercise, Eat Good, Rest Well 

Studies have shown that most people who work out feel better about their body than people who don’t and it doesn’t matter whether they achieve their body goals or not. I know that junk food can be tempting, especially soda drinks. Challenge yourself to go one day without consuming any junk food and drinks, then increase the number of days and keep going. Eat more fruits and vegetables, this will make your skin, hair and overall body all the better for it. You also want to start timing your rest to ensure that you get enough.

Allow us to create a personalized plan for you to improve your body, we will create a plan to fit your schedule, allergies, and body type ensuring that you achieve the best results.

It all starts with loving yourself – reach out to the health couch today to start feeling great about your body.

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