Overwhelmed by stress at work?

Overwhelmed by stress at work?

Many of us changed from being a carefree happy-go-lucky teenager into a burdened adult because of our life goals and attempt to have a perfect life. I’m not saying seeking perfection is entirely bad but this desire often weighs us down in more ways than we think. One of such ways is by overworking ourselves at work, and eventually getting overwhelmed with stress.

Did you know that stress is a major factor that affects our health – stress accounts for more than 70% of doctor’s visits? So, how do you deal with work stress?

  • Identify the cause of the stress

The first step you must take to reduce workplace stress is to identify what exactly is causing you stress. Is it the company culture? Some companies have an unhealthy workplace culture such as encouraging toxic rivalry among different departments. It can be your attitude to work projects, maybe you take on more than you can handle, or maybe your boss always gives you more than you can handle, as a result, you end constantly end up working overtime. Not getting the praise for your effort can also cause stress. So, find out the real cause of your workplace stress.

  • Learn to say No

This might be hard to do but it is important that you say No to some suggestions to take on more projects. When your boss asks you to stay extra hours, you can say No. Learn to say No without feeling guilty, remember this is a job that you can lose any time and will be replaced almost immediately. There’s no point trying to take on all tasks, it is going to tell on your body and mind. Lastly, have a discussion with your boss about how you feel, explain that to him or her that you feel overwhelmed with stress and point out the cause of the stress. Any good boss will take that as a cue to improve the overall workplace culture.

  • Improve your body health

Sometimes, adults feel stressed at work not entirely because of the workplace culture but because of their own body failing them. If you find yourself often feeling pain in your body at work, say pain in the neck, legs, hands and back. This is on you to improve your body performance by exercising, getting enough rest and eating nutritious food daily. Reduce your consumption of junk food, get enough sleep in the night, take breaks when you’re working and eat fruits and vegetables regularly.

  • Free your mind

Another cause of workplace stress is being burdened in your mind with different needs, desires, goals and other kinds of worry. You can’t do everything, you only have one life and 24 hours per day, you can only do so much. So, let go of the worry, yes you want to be in a better place but you won’t get there by worrying. Instead, write down your goals and plan how you can strategically work on yourself to grow into them. Only worry about one thing at a time and take on one task at a time.

  • Talk to a health coach

The tips highlighted above may not exactly fit your situation because your workplace has unique challenges. We understand that and that’s why you need to seek professional help to help improve your approach to work and invariably reduce work stress.

Book a free appointment with the health coach today to get the best out of work without overworking yourself. We can help you achieve a stress-free work experience.

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