Drained from toxic relationships?

Drained from toxic relationships?

Most people have been in a toxic relationship at least once in their lifetime, I have also stayed in toxic relationship although for a short while. It may be full blown toxicity involving physical abuse, sexual harassment etc., with glaring damage, or disguised toxicity that leaves the victim confused about the nature of the relationship – one minute, it’s all warm and cozy, next minute it’s like hell on earth. There’s no limit to where a toxic relationship can come from, it can be a romantic relationship, a platonic friendship or a family relationship even. Keep in mind that all toxic relationships leave a long-lasting negative effect on the victims. There’s no relationship that is worth your peace and self-love. So, before that relationship you dearly cling unto destroys you further, leave!

How To Know That You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Being a victim of toxic relationship made me realize that many people stay longer than they need to because they don’t see the relationship for what it truly is. They get carried away with a faux idea of the relationship and cozy blinds them to the damage that is being done to them. Here are three signs that you’re in a toxic relationship;

  • Being Put Down

If you’re in a relationship with a person, whether a friend, lover or a family member, that keeps telling you that you are a nobody and you cannot become anything great, then that’s a sign. The person may always chip in that they are managing you. The relationship will make you feel like your partner is doing you a favor by staying in your life, and as a result, you will always want to go out of your way to make them happy, even at the expense of your peace and growth.

  • A Partner that is Always Sorry but Never Changes

You see, you may have told your partner or friend or sibling what they are doing to make you sad or angry but all they do is breakdown and tell you how deeply sorry they are but nothing ever changes. You often end up feeling bad for getting angry or for getting sad because they are crying uncontrollably as if you are oppressing them. They tell you this is the last time and that they have really changed. They may even buy you gifts, treat you to a good meal just to show how sorry they are but that’s where it ends, they go back to doing exactly what they claim they are sorry about and the cycle continues.

  • When You Can’t Fully Express Yourself

When you realize that some harmless thoughts you would like to share with your partner can, in fact, land you in trouble with the said partner because they will either blow things out of proportion, get angry about everything, draw unnecessary conclusions, all to show how “stupid” you are. Some may even assume victim position and make you regret that the thought crossed your mind. This relationship will have you living in fear, you don’t know what you will do or say that will trigger them, so you end up shrinking yourself and agreeing with everything they do and say.


These are a few signs out of the many possible ways to identify a toxic relationship. Most toxic relationships have their own uniqueness, however, if you are in a relationship that falls into the three we highlighted, we advise that you seek help so that you can leave and heal completely. If you have doubts about the health of your relationship or your gut feeling is telling you that your relationship is toxic, then maybe it is indeed a toxic relationship.

Contact me today to start your journey to complete healing from toxic relationship.

Remember, the longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the more damaged you become.


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